All participating boxing clubs must be members of their respective national boxing associations.

For all boxers The Department of Justice's circular applies (the circular is written in Danish) and AIBA Technical & Competions Rules (effective as of February 9, 2019).

For boys/girls and junior boxers, attention is drawn to the fact that there can only be a 2-year age difference between the boxes (from birthday to birthday).


Number of boxers in each weight class

The organizers reserve the right to divide the weight classes according to strengths, so that for boy/girl, junior, youth and elite boxers max. are 4 boxers in each class.



Age groups



1980-2001 (on date)


Youth U19



Junior U17



Boy/Girl U15

2006-2009 (2009 is on date)


3 rounds of 3 minuts



3 rounds of 3 minuts



3 rounds of 2 minuts



3 rounds of 1,5 minuts